Who are the Millennials?

This week I have the privilege of attending a seminar called, “Ministry to and with Millennials.” This seminar is hosted by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship based out of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. Today was the first day, and so I thought I’d share some of my learning, especially as they relate to the church. The question we asked and discussed was: Who are the Millennials? … They are the students born between 1980 and 2000. They are a technological generation. They are motivated by what they perceive as “good.” Some believe that they are leaving the church in droves, but today we learned that the Millennials who were raised in the church usually remain in the church, although they may drop out for a bit during the college years. Therefore, as leaders in the church we were encouraged to reach out to them – those in the church and those outside the church. We were also encouraged to mentor them, as Millennials, having grown up in an “instant society,” with the Internet at the fingertips, can sometimes be impatient when it comes to spiritual growth or change in the church. In terms of work, Millennials prefer a flexible environment and the promise of advancement. They tend to blur the lines of work and life, which can be good in terms of integrating life and work, but a potential hindrance in terms of taking regular Sabbath. Finally, we learned that Millennials are cause-driven and action based. Accordingly, they are big on social justice and they prefer an embodied (lived out) faith… This is a summary of what I learned today about ministry to and with Millennials… What do you think? Would you add anything?