The Season of Advent

I forgot to submit this blog post when the season of Advent began, so I submit it now for your edification. . .

The local church that I serve is a Bible-believing, gospel-centered church.  And one of the ways that we help people focus on Scripture and receive the Gospel is by following the Christian calendar.  The new Christian year begins with the season of Advent.  So, what is Advent?  As Pastor Philip F. Reinders writes, “Advent . . . is the four-week season of preparation for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.  A good celebration requires proper preparation for us to fully enjoy it.  During December, however, we mostly confuse helpful readiness for the hustle of Christmas shopping, parties, and preparations.  The Advent season, more reflective in nature, can feel out of sync with all of this noise and busyness. . . . John the Baptist has always felt like the right person to get me ready for Christmas—he’s the anti-Santa needed for our day.  Trade the jolly laugh for an in-your-face intensity, the twinkle in the eye for a wildness about to interrupt your life, commanding our attention but always redirecting it towards Jesus.  ‘Prepare the way for the Lord is the Advent call to get ready for the coming Messiah.” (Seeking God’s Face, 23)  During this Advent season we will enjoy a sermon series based on the Christmas Messiah for Young Voices (based on Handel’s, Messiah) which is the musical that we will be performing at this year’s community Christmas Eve Program.  So, I invite you to join me on this Advent journey as we wait with great anticipation for the first and second coming of the Lord.


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