Prayer as Witness

Last Sunday we talked about being Jesus’ witnesses.  According to the New Testament, the death and resurrection of our Lord is such good news, it is to be announced to the world.  This is what the first Christians sought to do, and this is what we still seek to do if we take the Gospel seriously.  The question for genuine Followers of Christ is not: Am I called to be a witness? but How can I be a witness?  Last week we talked about the challenge of being a witness for Christ in a secular Western world, where God is largely set aside.  So, how do we witness in this sort of indifferent and sometimes even hostile world?  We see the apostles in Acts 5, for example, as speaking out boldly and compassionately about Jesus.  Should we be as bold in our witness today?  I suppose so, but we may need to be a bit more subversive in how we do it.  That is, very few people today will listen to a sermon preached on a street corner, or will receive the gospel when you knock on their door as a stranger.  I think the better way is to witness through prayer.  By this I mean first of all praying for people that you are seeking to befriend.  Our family prays for neighbors every Thursday night.  In doing so, we trust the Lord will continue revealing himself to them, and that he will prepare the way for them to meet Jesus.  Then we go out and try to connect with our neighbors in conversation.  The other day I was connecting with one such neighbor, and after a few minutes of talking about Easter, etc., she told me her daughter is struggling.  So, I offered to pray for her daughter, and there was an immediate response of gratitude.  There was no gospel proclamation in this situation, but these things take time, and eventually I hope I’ll be able to give her the gospel through my personal testimony and example.  . . . How do you witness for Christ?  I welcome your response.


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