How Will You Love Your Neighbours this Christmas?

I’ve noticed over the years that people are often open to faith over the Christmas season.  They’re used to hearing (and perhaps even singing) Christmas carols that talk about Jesus.  They may even attend a religious service of some kind over the Christmas season.  Accordingly, I’ve noticed that Christmas is a prime time for outreach.  The church I serve ordinarily hosts an outreach-oriented Christmas Eve program in a community hall our city.  Unfortunately, our church is unable to that this year.  Even so, there are many ways for us all to reach out to people this Christmas season as a church, and also as individuals, small groups and families.  So, how is God calling you to do that?  How will you love your neighbours this Christmas?  . . . Our family is helping to organize a Christmas party on our avenue on Dec. 19.  Perhaps you will feel called to invite a particular family over for supper.  Or you will make and distribute Christmas cookies.  (See Pastor Rick Abma’s blog post: “Top 10 Christmas List” at for Christmas outreach ideas.)  “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.”  (John 1:14 The Message)  Now we are also called to move into our neighborhoods with Jesus’ love.  Enjoy reaching out to your neighbors this Christmas season.