The Pastoral Summer Break

One of the blessings I enjoy as a pastor is receiving a few weeks off every year. This extended break often occurs in the summer, because that’s when the ministries of the church generally slow down, and because of the natural break in the school calendar (if you have school-age children). Part of this extended summer break usually involves going away, as that’s the best way for a pastor to disconnect from his pastoral role in a healthy way for a time. (The pastor is always pastor when he’s at home.) Another reason for travelling during the summer break is because most often a pastoral family lives away from their hometowns. So this is an ideal opportunity to visit family. And that’s largely what we did on our summer break. We spent one week camping with my wife’s family, and we also spent a long-weekend camping with my family. We thank God for the opportunity to connect with both sides of the family. It was good to catch-up with people and also advance some relationships. Happily, this summer break was more restful than usual. That was intentional, as we try to make our summer break an extended Sabbath, a time of playing and praying. We thank the Lord for blessing our summer break, and also our church for allowing us to take it. Such an extended time of Sabbath is an effective way for a pastor to nurture his soul for another year of pastoral ministry. I look forward to another year of pastoral ministry, by God’s grace and through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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