The Season of Spring and Easter: A Time to Plant Seeds

My farmer’s blood boils at this time of the year.  I grew up on a wheat-farm in southwestern SK, and we usually started seeding the last week of April.  Of course, classes were still in session, so I missed out on a lot of the action.  But happily, I was able to experience more seeding later, as a Bible college and seminary student.  For three consecutive springs I worked for a farmer near Mortlach, SK.  I miss those days!  The sounds and smells of spring.  The long hours in the tractor.  The sense of accomplishment when a field was seeded.  And the satisfaction when the plants started to grow.  For a short time I considered farming.  But in the end I felt called to plant different seeds.  I didn’t realize at the time that my dad was praying that some of his boys would become pastors or missionaries, not farmers.  And two of us are pastors today.  There are a lot of similarities between farming and pastoring.  A farmer plants seeds like wheat or canola.  I plant the seed of God’s Word.  A farmer works with various soils.  I work with various types of people.  A farmer nurtures the growing plants.  I nurture people’s souls.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Jesus’ teachings about soil and plants (for example, Luke 8 and John 15) resonate with my heart.  My calling as pastor is to plant the seeds of the gospel and nurture the gospel plant that is growing in people.  In other words, to make disciples of Christ.  Please continue to pray for me and all pastors as we fulfill our calling, perhaps especially during the season of Easter, when we are planting many gospel “seeds.”  And while you’re at it, please pray for farmers, as they plant many physical seeds in the soil of their fields and gardens.


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