What to Give Up for Lent

I prefer to talk about the Lent as a season of returning to the Lord with all my heart (Ruth Haley Barton).  A time of reflection, worship and spiritual formation.  But sometimes returning to the Lord means getting rid of something.  Denying yourself.  Then the question, “What are you giving up for Lent?” is appropriate.  So, what do you give up?  I’m trying to fast one meal a week, in order to feast more intentionally on God’s Word.  But fasting from food is only one option.  I like the list that my spiritual director passed on (from an anonymous source).  Not sure what to give up for Lent?  Perhaps this list will help:

  • Give up complaining, focus on gratitude.
  • Give up pessimism, become an optimist.
  • Give up harsh judgment, think kindly thoughts.
  • Give up worry, trust Divine Providence.
  • Give up discouragement, be full of hope.
  • Give up bitterness, turn to forgiveness.
  • Give up hatred, return good for evil.
  • Give up negativism, be positive.
  • Give up anger, be more patient.
  • Give up pettiness, become mature.
  • Give up gloom, enjoy the beauty that is all around you.
  • Give up jealousy, pray for trust.
  • Give up gossiping, control your tongue.
  • Give up sin, turn to virtue.
  • Give up giving up, hang in there.

2 thoughts on “What to Give Up for Lent

  1. That is the best list I’ve ever seen for things to give up for Lent. I could never quite grasp the concept of giving up chocolate for lent, it just didn’t make spiritual sense for me. This list definitely is to encourage spiritual growth.

    • June,
      I’m glad you enjoy this list. I find it helpful too. I’m grateful that my spiritual director passed it on. It was good to worship the Lord with you in the sanctuary on Sunday.
      Grace & peace,
      Pastor Leon

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