My Spiritual Growth Plan for 2015

This week I visited my spiritual director.  And since it was our first meeting of the year, he asked me an interesting question: “What is your spiritual growth plan?”  Sometimes in the New Year we make resolutions or set goals.  But I like this question better, as it implies that our purpose as Followers of Christ is to grow spiritually.  Anyway, here’s how I responded to the question.  I said that I felt called to read the Bible through in its entirety, as I wanted to review the Big Story of Redemption.  And after each daily reading, I will usually write our a prayer of response, as I seek to discern how the Lord has spoken to me through his word.  And at some point during that prayer, I will pray for at least one member/family in our congregation, following the church directory.  And then after that prayer of response and intercession, I will read various books for spiritual growth and ministry development.  I mentioned other things too, like practicing weekly Sabbath and retreating annually. But perhaps this is enough. The point my spiritual director was trying to make is: spiritual growth takes intentionality. The Holy Spirit is always working in the lives of Jesus’ students, but part of his work is to get us to work, to practice certain holy habits, by which we are shaped into the image of Christ. So, that begs a question: Do you want to become like Jesus? If you do, when how will you get there? What is your spiritual growth plan? I’d love to hear about that.


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