Christmas is an Ideal Time to Reach Out

Tonight we sang Christmas carols to our neighbors.  This is an annual event.  Something I look forward to every year.  It got me thinking again of how Christmas is a prime time for ministry.  When are people this open to hearing the gospel?  After all, that is what we sing to them through the Christmas carols.  Of course not everyone will open their doors to receive the Good News, but many do, and with gratitude.  Christmas caroling is a great way to connect with your neighbors and sing the gospel.  And get the Christmas story into your heart and mind.  I encourage you to try it in your own neighborhood.  Gather a few neighbors or friends, say a prayer, bundle up and head out.  Then come back for a cup of hot chocolate and debrief.  I can say with experience that I have always felt the joy of the Lord when I reach out to my neighbors in this way.  In John 1 we read that Jesus became human and made his home among the people.  Now we are called to do the same.  Christmas time is an ideal time to reach out.


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