What Happens in the Worship Service

On Mondays (my “Sabbath Day”) I spend time reflecting on the worship service. Not so much on how things went (evaluation), but on how I was affected (reflection). On Sunday afternoon or evening I do take time to evaluate the worship service, in order to become a more effective worship leader. But today my concern is how I met the Lord, and how he’s forming me spirituality. Yesterday’s worship service was especially significant for me, and I’m trying to figure out why. In part, I think it was because I had the privilege of preaching the gospel and call people to follow Jesus–my passion and mission. But also because, I think, I simply needed the Lord’s blessing and encouragement, which I received in the worship service. Thanks be to God!
So, how does that work? What happens in the worship service that enables us to receive God’s grace & blessing on a regular basis? As I reflected on this question, I found the following passage from Don Postema’s book, “Space for God” helpful:
We gather around the Word of God to commemorate God’s mighty works and words. In the sacraments we remember and celebrate our belonging to God, our union with Christ. … We are reminded of our dependence on God for temporal life and for eternal life. God acts first, and we accept with open hands. Holy communion is a meal with God where the menu is forgiveness and acceptance. We participate in the body and blood of Christ and become the body of Christ. The bread and wine nourish each of us and keep the body, that community of Christ’s new creation, alive. … The drama of worship telescopes and focuses the drama our spiritual lives. In all these public gestures of thanks we experience, embrace, and express our covenant solidarity.” (p. 76)
Are you discouraged? Do you need a touch from the Lord? I encourage you to worship the Lord in a local church.


One thought on “What Happens in the Worship Service

  1. I was so disappointment that I wasn’t able to attend the worship service this week especially since I needed the rejuvenation that comes with the participation and reflection during the Lord’s Supper. It is something my soul craves and can’t be filled in any other way.

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