Making “Space for God”

Yesterday we kicked-off our Sunday School program and annual spiritual growth campaign. There was a lot of energy and excitement in the sanctuary. It was a blessed worship service and in a way, a family reunion, as some of our members had been away off-and-on for the summer. I felt the joy of the Lord as I lead my people in worship. Then to add to the blessing, in the evening I had the privilege of meeting with the single young adults in a small group setting. A very blessed start to our ministry year–thanks be to God! But also an exhausting start to our new ministry year! I was reminded this morning of the importance of taking regular Sabbath, if I’m going to grow spiritually and make it through another year of pastoral ministry. To help me with that, I started reading Don Postema’s book, “Space for God” (Faith Alive Christian Resources). What a gracious invitation to rest with God and enjoy him! I plan on reading one chapter every Monday (my “Sabbath” Day), and then reflect on the readings through the week. I’m thankful for the encouragement to make space for God in my life. This morning, as I rested in God’s presence, guided by Don, I realized anew how much I love the Lord and want to be with him. A very good thing! So, how will you make space for God this fall? I’d love to hear about it! May you truly experience the rest of God as you make space for him.


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