Wrestling with God

Tonight we read how Jacob wrestled with God (Genesis 32). We are reading through some of the main Old Testament stories right now, and it just so happens that we read this story on the first day of school. Now my kids attend a good school, and for the most part they flourish at school–thanks be to God! Even so, they always struggle to return to the classroom. So as we reflected on this story, I thought of our times of struggle. How do we respond when we’re in a bind? Although Jacob had his faults and made his share of mistakes, he does the one thing we often fail to do: he prays. What’s more, he wrestled with God in prayer. I know there are worse things than going to school, but even so, it is an opportunity for my kids to wrestle with God in prayer. To say: “Lord, you know I have to go to school whether I like it or not. But I don’t always like it. And it’s especially hard on the first day after summer break. So, please help me, Lord! I won’t let go until you bless me!” How are you struggling today? Whatever your trouble, I invite you to wrestle with God about it in prayer. You may not get exactly what you want. (Do you think Jacob wanted a damaged hip?) But I trust you will get what you need: God’s blessing–through Jesus Christ our Lord!


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