The Transformative Power of Bible Camp

I’m really looking forward to the Wolf Creek Community Church Family Campout.  I want to thank the elder and his small group for taking the lead in this ministry, as I believe it will be one of the highlights of our year as a church family.  Why do I say that?  Because I believe in the power of Bible camp to transform lives.  Call this weekend gathering what you may—campout, family camp, spiritual retreat—the name’s not all that important. What is important is that you show up, if at all possible.  So, whether that’s for a day or for the whole weekend, I hope you’ll seriously consider coming out.  And if you need help getting there, please ask for it, because we want the entire family present, if at all possible. 

Our family has always been involved at Bible camp.  I attended Valley View Bible Camp in Southwestern SK for years.  And my wife attended Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp in the Crowsnest Pass.  And our kids still attend that camp.  So, why have we remained involved at Bible camp?  For many reasons.  Fun and friendships certainly play a part.  But as I reflect back on our camp experiences (past and present), I’d have to say that spiritual formation is the top reason we’ve stayed involved at camp.  There’s just something very formative about camp!  You not only study God’s Word and practice various spiritual disciplines (i.e., prayer, worship and Scripture memorization), but you do it as a community of faith.  Following Jesus is normal and even “cool” at camp.  A Jesus-culture is formed at camp that allows for a lot of solid spiritual formation to occur.  This is why I encourage everyone to attend a Bible camp at least once a year. 

Have you been blessed by attending a Bible camp?  If so, I’d love to hear from you.


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