Thanking God for VBS

You may or may not know that Wolf Creek Community Church (WCCC) recently partnered with Bethel CRC to run a Vacation Bible School (VBS).  And I’m sure glad we did.  What a blessed week!  I think this is the fourth VBS that I’ve been a part of as a pastor (the first as pastor of WCCC), and once again I was reminded: this program works!  Yes, it takes a bit of planning and a good number of volunteers.  But it’s really worth the effort.  What a great way to disciple and reach out to children.  And what a great way to train leaders and engage our youth, who are invited to mentor the little ones.  I was one of the storytellers this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the children and working with some of my own kids.  And it was great to partner with our “mother” church and promote unity in the Body of Christ.  I hope that we do it again next year.  If we do, I encourage you to get involved.  I know there’s a lot of coming and going during the summer.  But you won’t regret being involved in VBS.  I thank the Bethel CRC for allowing us to partner with them in this ministry.  I thank you for supporting the ministry.  And I thank the Lord for blessing it.  All praise be to Him!



2 thoughts on “Thanking God for VBS

  1. Loa exrrrteatestes existen… pero no vienen por que el humano aun no es capaz de soportar verlos… se haria un caos… Si los videos fueran verdad ahorita el mundo no estaria tan tranquilo =PPero existen… solo que aun no estan preparados para ellos… Saludos.

  2. Our vet was Scandinavian, I think, and only told us verbally what he had and it written on the receipt, so I am not sure. But, it was a serious infection that, had he not rebounded so quickly, would have landed him in the cat ICU. Anyway, we will be watching carefully for signs of the infection and in two weeks or so, take them both in for vaccinations, etc.

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