Reflecting on My Pastoral Review

On July 3 the elders of WCCC met to discuss my pastoral review, officially bringing it to a close. So, I’d like to publicly thank the review team and all of the people who participated in the review process. And I’d like to thank the Leadership Team of WCCC for allowing it to happen. I invited this review because I felt I needed it, and because I felt that you needed it. How am I doing in ministry after 3.5 years among you and after 7 years of ordained parish ministry? Where am I doing well? Where do I need to grow? What is the Lord calling me and the church to do to continue growing spiritually? These are some of the questions we asked along the way. And overall I’m pleased with the feedback. Yes, there were some extreme responses, as there always will be. But overall, I sense that you want me to grow and flourish among you, which I appreciate. The official review may be done, but I will continue to process prayerfully all that I have heard. And perhaps I will comment in more detail this summer or fall, after I’ve had more time to hear from the Lord on this matter. Have a blessed summer!