“Taking God with You on Vacation”

As we enter the summer vacation season, I’d like to talk to you about taking Sabbath.  I think most people are pretty good at taking a summer vacation.  Not everyone is able to do that, of course, as that may be their busy work season.  But I’ve noticed that in a northern climate like Central AB, most people try to go camping or to the lake at some point in the summer.  A great way to take a break and spend time with family and friends!  So if you go away, I encourage you to take God with you.  Now, of course he’s with you at all times.  Isn’t that what Pentecost, which we recently celebrated, is all about?  The gift and presence of the Holy Spirit?  Yes, but even though the Lord is always with us through the Spirit, I wonder if we’re always with him.  Do you make space for God in your life on a regular basis?  Seems to me that summer vacation is a great way to do that.  So, as you go on your summer vacation, I encourage you to have fun and play hard.  But I also encourage you to take time to rest in God’s presence as an individual and as a family, and take time to pray.  And to worship.  Sometimes we skip the worship service on vacation.  Instead, I encourage you to attend the worship service of a nearby local church, or make your own.  Some of the best worship services I’ve attended have been by a camp fire.  However you spend your summer, I pray you’ll feel the Lord close, and that you’ll make time for him. 


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