“The Family of God”

Last week I talked about the Body of Christ.  This is Paul’s brilliant metaphor to describe the church of Jesus Christ (see 1 Corinthians 12).  Just as a human body is made up of many parts, which work together for healthy functioning, so is each member of the church a part of the body of Christ.  All parts are needed for good health!  Another name for the church is the Family of God.  I also like this image, as God himself—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—is a sort of divine family.  So too are we a holy family.  Sometimes we think of the church as a business, and we run it that way.  But actually, in reality it’s more of a family.  This is especially true for a small, strong congregation like our own.  Every church is made up of individuals that make up a church family.  Some are related by blood and others are not.  But no matter: we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Therefore, since every church is a family, and since we all belong to a biological family, today we want to focus on family.  The Pastoral Team of this church recognizes that every church family and biological family struggles.  So we invited a trained pastor and counselor to come and encourage us.  Thank you for welcoming him and receiving his word from the Lord regarding the family.   



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