“Prayer for Pentecost Sunday”

On my recent one-day spiritual retreat, I encountered a book called, Guerrillas of Grace, by Pastor Ted Loder.  What a marvelous collection of prayers!   As I spent the day in solitude and silence, I prayed often and from the heart, but I also prayed Pastor Ted’s prayers.  And they became my own.  I especially enjoyed the following prayer for Pentecost Sunday called, “Touch Me with a Truth that Burns Like Fire.”  I hope you enjoy it.  Please pray it with me as we prepare for Pentecost Sunday, when we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit.

send the gift of your Spirit
     to fill this place
          and myself
               and the world.
Touch me 
     with truth
          that burns like fire,
               with beauty
                         that moves me like the wind,
and set me free, Lord,
     free to try new ways of living;
          free to forgive myself and others;
               free to love and laugh and sing;
                    free to lay aside my burden of security;
                         free to join the battle for justice and peace;
                              free to see and listen and wonder again at the gracious mystery of things and persons. 
free to be,
          to give,
               to receive,
                    to rejoice as a child of your Spirit. 
And, Lord, 
teach me how to dance,
     to turn around and come down where I want to be,
          in the arms and heart of your people and in you,
that I may praise and enjoy you forever.

3 thoughts on ““Prayer for Pentecost Sunday”

  1. Yes, Lord. Teach me to dance in the here and now amongst your people. I wonder what it means to Dance in the Spirit in today’s church?

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