“Thoughts on our Recent Spiritual Retreat”

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending a pastor and spouse spiritual retreat in Banff.  This retreat was hosted by the Pastor-Church Relations Committee of Classis AB North (our regional body of churches).  This retreat came at a very good time for us, as my wife had just finished her college year, and we had just experienced a full and joyful Easter weekend.  In other words, we were tired!  So, what a wonderful time to get away and be refreshed!   We played and prayed together.  We walked around Banff.  We ate delicious food.  And we were fed spiritually through Pastor Graham Standish.  Graham serves the Calvin Presbyterian Church in Zelionople, PA.  He also writes books, leads spiritual retreats and speaks at conferences.  I heard Graham about a year ago at a conference in Edmonton, so it was good to continue the conversation with him.  He talked to us about calling.  What is the calling of a pastor and pastor’s spouse?  Graham says we often start with the “what” of calling—what are we called to do.  But he says: the “why” needs to come before the “what”—why were you called to ministry?  And as I reflected on that question, I was reminded that God called me to be a pastor because I love God and his Word, and I want to help people grow spiritually.  So, what is your calling?  I invite you to think about that, and let me know how I can help you discover God’s calling for your life.  


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