New Blog Post: “The Beauty of the (Reformed) Worship Service”

 I was raised in a contemporary evangelical church, similar to Wolf Creek Community Church, although smaller.  It was a wonderful church.  I’m thankful for my evangelical heritage.  But as a young adult, I met a young lady (now my wife!), who belonged to a Christian Reformed Church (CRC).  This was my first exposure to the CRC.  At first, I wondered about the more “fixed” liturgy.  I grew up in a “free church” tradition that was a bit more informal.  But it didn’t take me long to really appreciate the CRC, and it was the Reformed worship service that really drew me in.  At this little CRC, I encountered the living God.  He was bigger and more beautiful than I’d ever known Him to be.  And He spoke to us!  The Reformed worship service is a drama and a dialogue.  We enter the sanctuary, which is like God’s throne room.  So, how do you act in the presence of a king?  With respect and adoration.  With appropriate moments of reverence and celebration.  As I encountered this Great King, I realized my sinfulness.  So I was invited to confess my sins and receive God’s grace all over again through His Word and Sacrament.  Then I responded with joyful praise, thanksgiving and dedication.  I find this sort of dialogue between God and his people during the worship service beautiful and formative.  I confess: the God I knew growing up was smaller, and he didn’t seem to say as much.  Nor did I feel his grace to the same degree.  But all that changed when I encountered God in the Reformed worship service.  I know that as a community church we don’t emphasize our Reformed heritage that much.  And understandably so, as we want all people to receive the gospel, not just people who grew up in the CRC.  But in the area of worship, I’d like to pay tribute to our “tribe,” and honor those who have gone before us, and continue to lead us in worship.  In my opinion, there are not too many things more beautiful and formative than the Reformed worship service.


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