New Blog Post: “Lent: A Time of Self-Examination”

As you may know, it’s the season of Lent, the season before Easter when we try to slow things down a bit and be more reflective.  We do this because we want to be ready for Easter—the biggest celebration of our Christian Year.  So we take some time for self-examination.  How is your relationship with the Lord?  How is your relationship with others?  As pastor of a local church, I’m also taking time to reflect on pastoral ministry, and the overall ministry of my church.  How am I doing as a pastor?  Are there certain things I can do to become more effective in ministry?  How is the church doing?  Are there certain things we can do become a stronger, healthier church?  To this end, I’m reading a book by Kennon L. Callahan called, Small, Strong Congregations (Jossey-Bass, 2000).  Callahan observes that most churches are small.  And that’s okay, because God uses small churches to do his Kingdom work.  The question isn’t so much about size as it is about fruitfulness.  One important way for a small church to become strong and healthy is to have “one excellent mission” (p. 34).  Happily, Wolf Creek Community Church has a purpose statement: “to reach out and enfold people for Jesus, together becoming devoted disciples of Him.”  Very good!  But what is our one excellent mission?  How do we fulfill our purpose in the community?  Is there one thing the Lord is calling us to really focus on in the second decade of our life as a church, so we can serve this community exceedingly well and make many devoted disciples of Christ?  The Lord is leading us on a wonderful (Lenten) journey.  Let’s continue to walk the Emmaus Road together (see Luke 24)!


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