New Blog Post: “Joining God’s Story Through Baptism”

Last week at Wolf Creek Community Church we witnessed Jesus’s baptism through Mark 1.  In the context of that story, Mark introduces us to the Triune God. The Triune God exists as a loving holy family (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  Happily, this loving family invites us into the “dance” that began long ago.  We enter into this dance with the Triune God through repentance and baptism.  So I want to talk about baptism for a moment.  What exactly is it and why is it so important?  Listen to what N. T. Wright says in his book, Simply Christian (HarperOne, 2006): “Christian baptism involves being plunged into water (or having it poured over you) in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The point is that the story which baptism tells is God’s own story, from creation and covenant to new creation, with Jesus in the middle of it and the Spirit brooding over it.  In baptism, you are brought into that story, to be an actor in the play which God is writing and producing.  And once you’re onstage, you’re part of the action.  You can get the lines wrong.  You can do your best to spoil the play.  But the story is moving forward, and it would be far better to understand where it’s going and how to learn your lines and join in the drama.  Through the water to become part of God’s purpose for the world.” (213-214)  So, have you been baptized?  Have you become part of God’s big story?  If not, then I invite you to seriously consider it. 


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