New Blog Post: 2014 Lacombe Leadership Prayer Breakfast

The 2014 Lacombe Leadership Prayer Breakfast occurred this morning.  And I’m pleased to report: it was blessed.  The Lacombe and District Ministerial Association (LDMA) has been coordinating this event for a few years now, and I think it’s becoming a meaningful tradition.  Breakfast was served at 7 A.M. sharp.  Then after most people had been served, Pastor Rick Abma welcomed everyone, and then I, as the current LDMA president, opened in prayer.  Then we enjoyed a fine breakfast.  Then Mayor Christie was introduced, and he prayed for the leaders of this community.  Then Pastor Rick Abma prayed for Mayor Christie.  And then special guest Ian Hill spoke about the importance of the citizens of a community building a community.  Not waiting for the leaders to build the community.  But ordinary people taking leadership to build their community.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  Then the breakfast ended at 8:30.  It was a very blessed event!  I thank God for it, and I hope you will consider coming out next year.


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