New Blog Post: “The Lord is Still Building His Church”

Last week I had the privilege of attending a Classis (AB) Home Missions Committee meeting in Edmonton.  I’m the secretary of this team, which seeks to plant new churches in Central and Northern AB, and help existing churches live more missionally.  I confess these long trips and meetings can get a bit tedious, but I left feeling energized, as I was reminded: the Lord is building his Church.  As it turned out, I commuted with Pastor Rick Abma, who is one of leaders God is using to expand his church at this time.  And next week (Jan. 26), we’ll have the privilege of installing Rick as “Neighborhood Pastor.”  So please come out to celebrate and support Rick and his family in their calling.  And please prayerfully consider how you can also expand the Church of Jesus Christ in your neighborhood.  (I know that Pastor Rick would be glad to talk to you about that.)  Sometimes we wonder if the Lord is really building his Church.  But I can assure you he is, and I’m honored to be part of his mission in this community and world.


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