New Blog Post: “Epiphany”

Pastor’s Weekly Blog Post: “Epiphany”

This Sunday (Jan. 5) is the Second Sunday after Christmas Day.  So we continue to celebrate the birth of our Lord.  But we’ll do so today in the context of Epiphany.  Epiphany is a season of celebrating the revelation of the Savior, the light of the world.  As Philip F. Reinders writes in Seeking God’s Face (Faith Alive Christian Resources, 2010): “Drawn by the light of his star, the Magi came and signaled the universal scope of Christ’s mission, where the nations of the world come to worship the King of kings.  Epiphany calls us to live God’s mission, announcing the good news of Christ’s arrival to every culture and to those who live across the street, bearing the light of Jesus to the nations and to those who share a home with us.” (p. 107)  So I invite you to follow the star with the Magi today, which will lead us to the manger—where we all belong. And then after that, after a busy fall and Christmas season of ministry, we’ll take Sabbath for three weeks, as we review some “Sabbath Practices.”  And then we’ll explore the identity and purpose of Jesus as we study the Gospel of Mark.  Happy New Year!


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