New Blog Post: Second Sunday of Advent 2013

On December 2 we celebrated our three-year anniversary in Lacombe.  My, where has the time gone!  An anniversary is important, as it marks the time and invites us to celebrate God’s faithfulness and be a bit reflective.  Advent is one such milestone in the Church Calendar.  I like what Ruth Haley Barton says about it: “Advent is a season for waking up to all the ways Christ comes to us.  Yes, the themes of Advent help us to celebrate and commemorate his first coming in the Incarnation.  They encourage us to anticipate his second coming in glory—of course! But there is also a third coming of Christ: that is, all the ways in which Jesus comes to us now, bringing light for our darkness, peace for our turmoil, hope for our fear.” (“The Importance of Waking Up” in eReflections, Nov. 25, 2013). Happy Second Sunday of Advent!

I also like the following Advent prayer from Ruth Haley Barton, which I invite you pray on or before the Second Sunday of Advent:

O holy God, open us unto light for our darkness, courage for our fear, hope for our despair.

O God of peace, open to us peace for our turmoil, joy for our sorrow, strength for our weakness. 

O generous God, open our hearts to receive the gift of your presence. Amen.  


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