New Blog Post: Keller’s Six Marks of a Missional Church

I’ve been reading Timothy Keller’s, Center Church (Zondervan 2012) over the last few months.  What a challenging and formative read!  It’s like taking a seminary course on church planting!  Today I encountered his “Six Marks of a Missional Church” (Keller, 274), which I thought you may find helpful.  They are as follows:

  1.   The church must confront society’s idols.
  2. The church must contextualize skillfully and communicate in the vernacular.
  3. The church must equip people in mission in every area of their lives.
  4. The church must be a counterculture for the common good.
  5. The church must itself be contextualized and should expect nonbelievers, inquirers, and seekers to be involved in most aspects of the church’s life and ministry.
  6. The church must practice unity.

4 thoughts on “New Blog Post: Keller’s Six Marks of a Missional Church

  1. Hello Anna,
    Always good to hear from you! Hope you’re having a good summer. Are you surprised to receive another blog post from me?
    As for #2 (Keller’s “Missional Marks”), basically Keller is saying that although Gospel doesn’t change, how we communicate it can and must change, so that the culture understands it. He says this is partly because there is less awareness of God and his Word these days, so that people may not even understand the concept of sin or justification by faith, etc. So we try to communicate these things in ways that the common person on the street will understand. A great challenge indeed! One that I’m thinking about quite a bit these days. If you have any ideas as to how to do this well, please let me know. I’m listening!
    God bless!

    • Thank you, Kerry!

      Good to be back! Good to blog again! Perhaps I’ll do more of that this year.

      May the Lord bless your upcoming break!

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