New Blog Post: Keller’s Six Marks of a Missional Church

I’ve been reading Timothy Keller’s, Center Church (Zondervan 2012) over the last few months.  What a challenging and formative read!  It’s like taking a seminary course on church planting!  Today I encountered his “Six Marks of a Missional Church” (Keller, 274), which I thought you may find helpful.  They are as follows:

  1.   The church must confront society’s idols.
  2. The church must contextualize skillfully and communicate in the vernacular.
  3. The church must equip people in mission in every area of their lives.
  4. The church must be a counterculture for the common good.
  5. The church must itself be contextualized and should expect nonbelievers, inquirers, and seekers to be involved in most aspects of the church’s life and ministry.
  6. The church must practice unity.