New Blog Post: “Dainties and Discipleship”

This Sunday (Feb. 3) we continue our sermon-series called, “The Joy of Generosity,” which was developed by Robert Heerspink (Reformed Worship 2001).  We will intersect two stories tomorrow–the story of Daniel from Daniel 1 and the story of Oak Hills Church as told by pastors Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken (Renovation of the Church [IVP Books, 2011]).  The burden of the sermon is the consumer culture of North America, which greatly affects our churches.  Many people come to the worship service to be entertained and inspired more than to be challenged and trained for ministry.  As Carlson and Lueken discover, Jesus’ call to discipleship goes against the grain of our religious consumerism, which encourages us to join a church in order to get, not to give.  Daniel is a model for us.  He courageously confronts the pagan culture of his day and finds a way to obey God in the middle of it.  And we are invited to do the same.  As always, the promise is that God will reward us for our faithfulness–if not in this life, then certainly in the next.


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