New Blog Post: Remaining Creative & Joyful in Ministry

I recently had the privilege of attending an Amy Grant concert as part of the Breakforth 2013.  If any of you know Amy Grant, you know that she’s a talented singer and songwriter.  It was a delight to sing “Thy Word,” “Sing Your Praises to the Lord” and “Lead me On” with her that night!  But what touched me even more than these old songs was her humility, her calm presence and her joy.  You could tell that she loved singing these old and new songs and working with her band.  She loved reaching out to the audience.  And she announced that she’s been doing it for 35 years!  So how has she remained creative and joyful in ministry?  Now I’m sure that she has dry times and seasons of discouragement.  (If you know her story, you’ll know that she experienced divorce.)  But overall she seems to have flourished as a minister of music.  This has got me thinking about a life of ministry.  How do we remain humble, creative and joyful in ministry over a lifetime?  This sounds like a good question to reflect on for a while.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts.


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