New Blog Post: Advanced Preaching with the Master

For those of you who read my blog, you may have noticed that I’m not writing as often these days.  This is intentional, as I’m trying to focus more time and energy into the writing of sermons and journal entries than on writing blog posts.  I’ll likely continue writing the occasional post, as I do love to write and I want to communicate with any who will listen.  The main thing I want to say today is that my current pastoral priority is preaching.  This may seem obvious to you.  Shouldn’t every pastor make preaching a priority?  Well, I suppose so, depending on your actual pastoral position.  But the fact is that as a pastor of a small (but growing!) local church, I do more than preach.  But that’s no excuse to not grow as a preacher. So how do I do that?  Well the obvious things come to mind: read about and listen to lectures on preaching; read and listen to actual sermons; spend more time studying the Biblical text and writing the sermon manuscript.  I’m sure all of these strategies will help.  But this morning as I sat in solitude and silence with the Lord, the most effective strategy, but perhaps not the most obvious one came to mind: to be mentored by the master preacher and teacher himself: Jesus.  So I plan to spend considerable time studying the Gospels in the next few months with a view to learn how to preach from Jesus.



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