New Blog Post: Giving Thanks for God’s Faithfulness in 2012

Well, another year has almost come and gone!  I’m thankful for many things as I look back on 2012, including the following:

  • that the Lord allowed us to celebrate a few significant milestones in our family: our 15th wedding anniversary; my 5th year of ordained pastoral ministry; our oldest child’s 13th birthday
  • that the Lord continues to sustain my wife in her nursing studies and me in pastoral ministry
  • that our children are healthy and whole and are enjoying their mentoring and education.
  • that the Lord provided two very significant learning opportunities for me this year: a preaching seminar called “Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching” and a two-day personal spiritual retreat.  Both events were formative and renewing.
  • that the Lord continues to form me spiritually as a person and in leadership as a pastor.  Happily, He has sent some godly and gifted people to guide me on my spiritual pilgrimage.

So what are you thankful for as you look back on 2012?  Whatever it is, I encourage you to share your testimony of thanksgiving with at least one other person before the end of the year.  “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever!”


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