New Blog Post: Reflections on the Season of Christmas

It gives me joy to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I enjoy this time of year for a number or reasons: (1) because we celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on the mystery of the incarnation (that Jesus, the Son of God, was born with a real human nature with all its weaknesses, except for sin); (2) because it’s a time to fellowship and celebrate with family and friends; and (3) because this is a time of extraordinary openness to the Good News that Jesus was born to save.  I encourage you to spend some time this Christmas season (all 12 days!) reflecting on the mystery of the incarnation of Christ, celebrating with family and friends, and announcing the birth of Christ to at least one person–preferably to someone who really needs to hear it.  One way to do that is to invite a neighbour to a Christmas program, like the Lacombe Community Christmas Eve Event, which will occur at the Lacombe Memorial Centre (Dec. 24 @ 7pm).  Other ideas include inviting a neighbor over for tea over the holidays, or going Christmas caroling in your neighborhood, which is what we did on December 22.  Whatever you decided to do this Christmas season, I pray that you will truly feel the presence and love of the Jesus the Immanuel—the “God with us.”


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