New Blog Post: Reflections on Ruth 4: Jesus is our Guardian Redeemer

On December 16 we complete our Advent sermon series based on the Book of Ruth.  Accordingly, one last time I invite you to read the overview of the text provided by the creators of the series, “Under the Bethlehem Star” (Reformed Worship 101), Dianne [Rop] Elders & Dale Fopma:
God carries on the promise of redemption in ways we couldn’t have expected.  Boaz sits at the town gate, where the real business of the community is conducted, and presents Ruth’s case to the kinsman-redeemer as an opportunity for him to get land and increase his wealth.  But the kinsman-redeemer refuses to marry Ruth.  In love, Boaz redeems Ruth, they are married, and they have a child.  Eventually they become the great-grandparents of King David.  And from the line of David comes Jesus Christ, who was sent to redeem the world.  Christ is our Redeemer!  In love, Christ rescues me before God so that my name is written in the book of eternal life.  And now I belong to him for eternity.


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