New Blog Post: Reflections on Our Identity (Ruth 3) (The Season of Advent)

This Sunday we’ll talk about identity.  Who are you and to whom do you belong?  And we’ll reflect on this theme as we continue our Advent journey via the Book of Ruth.  Accordingly, the following comments from the creators of our sermon series (Diane [Rop] Elders and Dale Fopma) help to take us one step closer to Bethlehem:

Naomi doesn’t know if her dream for a redeemer will really come true.  But she tells Ruth to “Wash and prepare herself” to meet a husband—a gift.  Do we expect too little from God?  Are we afraid to let God take control of our lives?  Are we too afraid of failing to risk serving God?  In fear, Ruth takes a risk and asks, “Will you redeem me?”  Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer, provides all that she asks for: a husband, a child, a home, and complete redemption.  Our salvation is free, but Jesus Christ paid the price so that we could be redeemed (Gal. 4:3-5).  We long to feel God’s protection and care, which God provides in Jesus Christ.


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