New Blog Post: The Second Sunday of Advent: Peace

This Sunday we continue our Advent journey with Ruth and Naomi.  By now, they have just arrived in Bethlehem, and are getting settled into their new life.  As the creators of this worship series, Dianne (Rop) Elders and Dale Fopma, write in Reformed Worship 101 (p. 12):

In faith, Ruth goes out to the fields to glean, trusting that God will provide for her and Naomi.  She “happens” to find herself in a field owned by Naomi’s kinsman, Boaz—one more indication that God was leading.  Boaz prays that Ruth will be richly blessed by the God under whose wings she has come to take refuge.  God provides food for Ruth and someone to redeem her from an uncertain future, just as God provides food for our souls and a Redeemer who is the only source of peace.  We receive the bread of life at the table of the Lord. 



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