New Blog Post: Remembering my Grandfather on Remembrance Day

My deceased grandfather, Howard Johnston, served the Royal Canadian
Navy during World War II.  He didn’t talk much about the war.  He told me it
wasn’t fun at all.  Happily he never saw any action.  But the war still took a
toll on him.  Actually, even before the war he had experienced his share of
heartaches.  Grandpa’s father died when he was young, and his stepfather never accepted him.  So what a joy it was for him to realize in his
thirties that God his heavenly Father loved him.  His life was changed!  Indeed,
he struggled with feelings of unworthiness all his life, but when he responded
to Jesus’ call to discipleship, there was no turning back.  I’m thankful for his
quiet legacy of faith and farming, which has greatly influenced me.  So who has
helped you to grow spiritually?  Who is your hero of the faith?  Whomever it is,
you’re invited to thank the Lord for that person(s), and thank your hero–if
he/she is still alive.  And then you’re invited to be a spiritual hero (a
mentor) for someone else–through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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