New Blog Post: Regarding Baptismal Identity

This week we continue our spiritual journey via the sermon series called, “Affirming Baptism and Forming Faith.”  Our topic for reflection is baptismal identity.  Wait a minute!  What are you talking about?  I thought baptism was a sign or a pledge of my allegiance to the Lord Jesus.  Well, it is that and then some.  I appreciate what my mentor for this sermon series, Rev. Howard Vanderwell, writes regarding baptismal identity: “Those who believe in Jesus Christ receive the water of baptism as their mark as one who belongs to the family of God.  Among the other purposes of baptism–God’s seal of his promises and symbol of washing–it serves as an identifying mark that shapes who we are and how we are to live.  And so throughout the New Testament and Church History there is an unbroken line of people believing and being baptized as their mark of belonging to God.  The implications for us are great.  This mark provides our identity in a society in which many other forces attempt to forge another identity on us.  Here is the unchanging basis for our self-concept.  Parents and congregations are called to train their children and youth to find their identity in their baptism.”  So may the Lord call us to be baptized or affirm our baptisms this week as we reflect on the theme of baptismal identity.  And then may he help us to live out that identity the rest of our days.



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