New Blog Post: Saying Goodbye to Mrs. Brown

Today I’m saying goodbye to my old Sunday school teacher and spiritual mentor, Mrs. Martha Brown, who died over the weekend.  As I look back, I recognize the impact she had on me.  One particular story comes to mind.  As a teenager, I desired to serve the Lord, and I worked hard to serve others.  (In retrospect, I probably worked as hard as I did to please others more than the Lord, but I thought I was serving the Lord at the time.)  Mrs. Brown saw me running to-and-fro in my quest to serve the Lord/others.  She pulled me aside once and said, “Leon, why are you always running?  If you’re going to effectively serve the Lord, than you must sit still once-in-a-while and be with Jesus.”  Although I sometimes forget to heed her advice, I was set on a new path of discipleship that day.  Although her name was “Martha,” she taught me how to be Mary (see Luke 10:38-42).  I thank the Lord for Mrs. Brown and the impact she made on me and countless others over her 96 years of life.  May she rest in peace.


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