New Blog Post: Genesis 50: Embracing the Dream

This Sunday we reach the end of our journey with Joseph.  I trust that you have been blessed, comforted and spiritually-formed through this study.  I know that I
certainly have.  The Old Testament author has done his work to draw us into the
story, and we are blessed by it.  Perhaps even changed.  Today we are reminded
of the staying-power of grudges, but even more the power of the dream.  In ch.
45 we see Joseph forgive his brothers for their cruel treatment of him, and we think
that all is well.  But now we see that the brothers doubt his forgiveness.
Betrayal and grudges die hard.  The effects of our sins can be long-lasting.
But happily forgiveness is bigger than sin.  Joseph truly has forgiven his
brothers, and he assures them of that.  But he’s even more interested in the
dream.  Today we are invited to move beyond the petty fights and disagreements
that sometimes weigh us down, and to embrace the dream: that whatever has
happened to us in the past, God will work it out for our good.  What others
intend for harm, he intends for good.  Thanks be to God!


2 thoughts on “New Blog Post: Genesis 50: Embracing the Dream

  1. We could all learn a good lesson on how forgiveness offers us freedom. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to forgive those who may have wronged you.

    • Hello Brother Kirk,
      Amen and Amen, brother! Lewis Smedes talks about forgiveness being the great miracle that God does in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. And yes, what freedom it brings. May the Lord continue to help us as leaders practise it–for his honour and glory. –Brother Leon

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