New Blog Post: Reflections on Genesis 46: Jacob is Reunited with His Son

This week we’ll finish our study of the Joseph narrative of Genesis.  Since our last conversation was based on ch. 45, and our last one will be based on ch. 50, I’ll seek to fill-in a few of the gaps in the story this week.  Today we see Jacob and Joseph finally reunited.  This is the moment they’ve been waiting for all their lives (or at least since Joseph was taken away). What a joyful reunion that must have been!  What I find interesting is how Jacob sends Judah on ahead to get directions from Joseph, considering that he was the one who initiated their separation (see ch. 37).  Now he’s called upon to bring them back together.  This is an immigrant’s story.  Jacob is called to leave his homeland and move to a foreign country.  This must have been hard for him to do as an old man, so the Lord assures him that he will be with him as he goes (vv. 3-4).  Sometimes the Lord calls us to move to another country (literally or figuratively). But if he calls you to go, then rest assured that he will “go down to Egypt with you” (v. 4).  Question for Reflection: If the Lord ever calls you to move on in your life, whether it be an actual move or a change of vocations, a return to school, etc., would you be willing to do it?


2 thoughts on “New Blog Post: Reflections on Genesis 46: Jacob is Reunited with His Son

  1. I never thought about this aspect of Joseph’s story. My focus was always on Joseph and the ‘happy ending’ of the story. As an immigrant myself, I can really identify with Jacob and what he must have gone through. Looking back, I can really see God’s hand in my life and how He has brought us over here as part of His plan. Not sure what is next but I know that God is with us, always…


    • Hi Peter,
      I thought of you as I read Genesis 46. Yes, you would have a first-hand experience/understanding that most of us wouldn’t have, as you immigrated to Canada. Thank you for responding, and for being open to the Lord’s leading in your life. May He continue to guide you on your pilgrimage, just like he guided Joseph and Jacob.

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