New Blog Post: Genesis 44: Judah’s Transformation

I recognize that Joseph is the hero of our story, and much of our discussion focuses on him, but as I reflect on Genesis 44, my attention turns to Judah.  You’ll recall that at the outset of our story, he is the one who suggests that Joseph be sold to the Midianite merchants (see ch. 37).  And then in chapter 38 we see him leave his family, marry a Canaanite woman, and commit sexual immorality.  Judah is one of those characters that we don’t like or trust.  He’s ungodly.  But as the story moves along, we begin to see a change in him.  In fact, in chapter 43 we see him take leadership in the family, and even show sacrificial love to Jacob by guaranteeing the safety of Benjamin.  What is happening to Judah?  But check out chapter 44.  Here we see Judah take leadership again, this time pleading with Joseph to spare Benjamin from slavery.  His words move us: “Please let your servant remain here as my Lord’s slave in place of the boy” (v. 33).  It seems to me that what Judah experiences a long the way is a spiritual transformation.  He has moved from darkness into light.  And as a result, as we’ll learn in chapter 45, Joseph couldn’t contain himself any longer.  It was obvious that his brothers had changed, and Judah–perhaps the worst of them–was leading the way.  This story gives us hope that the Lord can and does change–even transform–people.  So how has he formed or even transformed you?  And what are you doing to partner with him in the process of personal transformation?


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