New Blog Post: Reflections on Genesis 43: A Family Reunion

I find two things especially interesting about this chapter.  First, notice Judah’s godly leadership.  In chapter 37 he suggested that Joseph be sold to the Midianite merchants.  Now he goes out of his way to protect Benjamin, guaranteeing his safety.  What is happening to Judah?  Second, notice how Joseph’s dreams come true. Twice the author says that the brothers bow down to him (see vv. 26-28).  At the end of chapter 41, Joseph named one of his sons, Manasseh, because God has made him forget all of his former troubles.  But surely now these memories returned as his brothers bow down before him.  How will Joseph respond to them?  Will he take revenge or show grace?

In July I had the chance to see my oldest brother after many years.  The last time our entire family was together was in 1997, at my wedding.  I’m still not sure why he left our family.  I was tempted to hold it against him–so many lost moments and missed memories!  But instead I felt the Lord calling me to welcome him home.  Sure, our relationship isn’t the way it used to be, but I’m glad he’s back.  I think this incident gives me a small glimpse of how Joseph must have felt when he saw his brothers.  O that the Lord would help us to pursue forgiveness and reconciliation at all times.


2 thoughts on “New Blog Post: Reflections on Genesis 43: A Family Reunion

  1. Good to hear that you chose grace an reconcilliation over anger and rejection with your brother! Not an easy thing to do.

    Joseph’s tears for his brother were a mix of joy and sadness of the pain the family had to go through.

    • Thanks, Peter.
      Indeed, this wasn’t easy, but I know it’s the right response. Actually, the Lord has placed the “Parable of the Lost Son” (Luke 15) on my mind regarding my brother’s return. Happily, he wasn’t a rebellious son in terms of squandering our father’s money, but he has returned to us, so we must celebrate his homecoming. The “lost” has been found!
      The Lord be with you, brother!

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