New Blog Post: Walking the Emmaus Road (Luke 24:13-35)

This Sunday we conclude our brief sermon series called “Contagious Holiness: Jesus’ Meals with Sinners,” by exploring Luke 24:13-35 NIV.  In the previous church that I served, there was an old retired minister whom I used to meet with from time-to-time to study the Scriptures and pray.  After these mentoring meetings, he would often say, “Let’s keep walking the Emmaus Road together.”  I’ve since adopted that saying for myself.  In fact, I may have even said it to you!  I love this story, because it was while these followers of Jesus walked, talked and ate with the Lord that they discovered him.  In the context of our series, I find it particularly interesting that it was when Jesus broke the bread and gave it to them that their eyes were opened (see vv. 30-31).  There’s something intimate and revealing about eating together.  It’s often during a conversation over a meal or a good cup of coffee/tea that personal or spiritual discoveries are made.  As we’ve observed in this series, this is how the Lord works.  He uses the simple and practical things of life (i.e., eating), to reveal himself and to help us grow spiritually.  The meal in this story reminds me of the Lord’s Supper.  So the next time you come forward to receive the bread and cup, I invite you to imagine that you are walking the Emmaus Road with Jesus.  As you eat the bread and drink the cup, may you discover or rediscover Jesus the Messiah.


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