New Blog Post: A Meditation on the Sermon Text (May 27/12): John 16:5-15

I think the early church, although not a perfect church, is a good example of a church that sought to rely on the guidance of the Spirit as it read Scripture.  Take the organization and structure of the church, for example.  In the Book of Acts we have a small, fledgling church that was basically a group of house churches.  But as it grew, and as the people “devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching” (Acts 2:42 NLT), it developed meaningful ecclesiastical systems, like appointing elders and deacons to lead the church, so that the church grew in faith and numbers, and was blessed.  So how are we listening to the voice of the Spirit today?  Just as the Spirit led the early church, so it seeks to lead us today as we continue to read and apply the Scriptures as individuals and as a community of faith.  One thing’s for sure: If the Spirit’s job is to speak the words of Christ (v. 13), and if the primary source for Christ’s word is the Scriptures, then how can we expect to clearly and consistently hear the voice of the Spirit if we’re not reading Scripture?  So how are you doing in this regard?


3 thoughts on “New Blog Post: A Meditation on the Sermon Text (May 27/12): John 16:5-15

  1. Sorry to have missed this Sunday’s sermon due to YC. How am I doing in reading scripture? By making it a priority in my day – doesn’t always work but I generally will find some time to read. The Word of Life – it is my guide for God’s will for my life.

    • Thanks for the comment, Peter.  I appreciate your responsiveness to me and even more your attentiveness to God’s Word.  Perhaps we can chat about YC some day. The Lord be with you, brother! Leon

  2. I practically ‘live’ online so I am in the position to follow up on things rather quickly 🙂 Blessings! Peter

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