New Blog Post: Preview of the May 6/12 Sermon Based on John 17:1-26: Jesus Prays for Us

Last week at Wolf Creek Community Church we were instructed through the Gospel of John 15 to remain in the vine (Jesus), which we do primarily by reading (meditating) on God’s Word and seeking to obey it.  To continue with Jesus’ gardening metaphor, we, as the branches, must remain connected to the vine, if we are to bear spiritual fruit.  In other words, we must be dependant on the Lord.  Naturally, this goes against the grain of our modern western culture, which promotes independence, not dependence.  Perhaps this is why later on, in John 17, Jesus prays that we will be one.  What amazes me about this text is the realization that he prayed for us centuries ago!  As it is written: “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message” (v. 20).  That’s you and me!  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Jesus’ prayers were effective–probably the most effective prayers ever prayed!  So why, then, do we not see more unity in his church?  Realizing that Jesus wants us to be a unified Body of Christ causes me to self-examine: Do I, through my words, actions and attitudes, promote unity or disunity?  It also motivates me: How can I increase the unity in the church?  May the Lord show us ways that we can increase our unity, so that, as Jesus says, “the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you loved me” (v. 23).  I leave you with a thought: Just imagine what would happen in our community if the church of Jesus Christ was truly unified.  Who wouldn’t want to join such a prayerful community of love?


One thought on “New Blog Post: Preview of the May 6/12 Sermon Based on John 17:1-26: Jesus Prays for Us

  1. Thank you for that insightful article. I agree that we have put up barriers and staked out ‘our turf’ with fellow believers… Not something I am proud of. May God bless you as you bring this message on Sunday.

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