New Blog Post: Pastor’s Note for Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a joy and privilege it was to conduct the wedding of a young couple from our church last weekend.  The wedding and reception occurred at Camp Hope, which is near Hope, BC, which made for a very beautiful and ideal setting for a wedding.  I would like to thank the leaders of Wolf Creek Community Church for supporting me in this ministry.  You may or may not know that this is one of three weddings that I’ve been asked to officiate this summer.  Accordingly, marriage ministry is a key pastoral priority for me at this time.  For your information, I (often in partnership with my wife, Joy) generally have four to six premarital conversations with a couple, which allows us to develop a meaningful relationship and explore various themes/issues related to marriage.  Then of course I also officiate the actual weddings.  Please join me in thanking the Lord for blessing the first chapter of this marriage ministry and please ask him to bless the remainder of the premarital conversations and weddings that will occur, which begin this weekend.


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