New Blog Post: Follow-Up on the April 15 Sermon Based on John 14:1-14

I had a good conversation with someone after the April 15 worship service that led me to wonder if it would be beneficial to follow-up on the sermon.  Upon reflection, I felt that I didn’t adequately address the concept of dying and rising with Christ as the way to stop worrying and to more fully trust in the Lord.  Marcus Borg, whom I referred to in the sermon, says that another way to describe the process of dying and rising with Christ is to be born again (The Heart of Christianity, 117).  I’d like to suggest that perhaps another way to describe dying and rising with Christ is to surrenderSo what does it mean to surrender to the Lord?  This is roughly how I answered that question after the worship service: “It’s about getting up in the morning and committing yourself to the Lord and at the end of the day thanking him for all his help and blessings.  It’s about being honest with your sin, failures and limitations, but not letting them stop you; rather, you press on, trusting that the Lord will provide grace, strength and wisdom for today.  It’s about recognizing that you are helpless, yet understanding that you can’t just sit there.  It is acknowledging your great need for God and his great love for you.”  So, how do you understand surrender?  More importantly, how can you live a surrendered life?  As usual, much more could be said here, but in a word, in order to live a surrendered life (to die and rise with Christ) you must deepen your relationship with God, which is most effectively accomplished through the practice of the basic spiritual disciplines of the Christian life.  So what are you doing to grow spiritually?  Based on my experience and understanding of the Christian life, I can say with confidence that as you pay attention to your relationship with the Lord, you will gradually trust him more, which leads to less worry.  This is a lifelong quest, but one, I’m sure you’ll agree, that is worth striving for.


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