New Post: My Thoughts on the New Member’s Class of Wolf Creek Community Church

Well, I just finished teaching my first “inquirers/new member’s” class at Wolf Creek Community Church. I confess that I was initially unsure about conducting this ministry, as I’ve only been pastor of this church for fourteen months.  Do I really know the church well enough to introduce it to others?  And I was also concerned about the workload.  Sundays are already busy enough!  But after teaching this class for the first time, I’ve concluded that it is an effective avenue for building relationships with people.  Of course I desire for these people to become official members of the church, but I’m even more concerned that they become devoted followers of Jesus.  The minor burden I felt at teaching this class was replaced by the blessing of friendship and the joy of teaching.  This is a prayerful community of love that I long for!  I love these students and I want them to flourish.  Membership is secondary.  I can honestly say that I look forward to teaching another new member’s class–thanks be to God!


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